With more than 40 years of engineering experience, Cincinnati Heat Exchangers specializes in designing custom heat exchangers to fit your application. No more having to modify an application to fit new heat exchangers: our engineering department will design your new exchanger to your own specifications. We produce our own line of Air/Glycol forced air units, heavy duty steam and water coils, as well as our custom units.

Cincinnati Heat Exchangers, Inc. is a preferred supplier of high quality heat exchangers and coils. We offer a complete line of heat transfer products - steam, air, water, and electric – that cover a wide variety of industrial applications, including utilities, pulp and paper, and chemical. Depending on your needs, these can be produced as stand alone units or skid packages.

Located just north of Cincinnati in Mason, Ohio, Cincinnati Heat Exchangers has always endeavored to provide industry leading customer service. We know that good communications are the heart of great customer service. Our engineers and sales staff will talk directly with you to guarantee your individual needs are met – every time.

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