Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are well suited for higher-pressure applications, including power plants, oil refineries, and chemical processing plants, they are incredibly resilient and their dual-fluid design allows for efficient operation in the toughest systems.

As the name indicates, shell-and-tube exchangers are composed of two distinct parts: a large pressure vessel (called the 'shell') and a bundle of high-pressure tubes contained inside the shell.

This exchanger features a dual-fluid action. One fluid travels through the tubes, while another fills the pressure vessel and surrounds the tube bundle. The interaction of these two fluids determines the heat transfer ability of a given shell-and-tube exchanger.

Design flexibility allows variations - including number of tubes, cycle frequency of the fluid and number of baffles, among others - shell-and-tube exchangers are among the most customizable for a given design application.

Cincinnati Heat Exchangers engineers will combine your unique need with exceptional design to make this heat exchanger a perfect fit.

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