In tight spaces, plate-and-frame exchangers are ideal. They're small and highly efficient, making them cost effective to operate and easy to maintain.

The secret to the plate-and-frame exchanger's high thermal efficiency lies in the corrugated patterns found on the plates. The patterns create a turbulent flow that enhances heat transfer and provide a measure of self-cleaning that reduces fouling. The design and construction allows for future expansion by simply adding plates.

The remarkable efficiency of the plate-and-frame design allows customers to use smaller - and sometimes fewer - exchangers to meet their applications requirements. It also allows process supply temperatures within 2 to 3 °F of the cooling supply temperature. All this at reduced space requirements, secondary flow rates and allows for smaller pumps.

Plate-and-frame heat exchangers traditionally have been used in smaller, lower-pressure applications. But recent improvements in gasket design are beginning to make plate and frame exchangers useable in larger applications too.

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