Today's power generators not only produce large amounts of electricity, they also produce large amounts of heat from conductor resistance and friction in the bearings. To keep efficiency and durability in your generators you have to be able to dissipate this heat. Cincinnati Heat Exchangers engineers use years of experience and depth of knowledge to develop an avenue to remove the heat and keep your generators running at peak performance.

Depending on your application, Cincinnati Heat Exchangers utilizes several different cooler designs in order to give you a truly custom fit.

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Removable Cover Plate (RCP):
Bearing Coolers:
Transformer Oil Coolers:
Oil Radiator Coolers:

Cincinnati Heat Exchangers, Inc. provides a durable, efficient, easy to maintain electrical apparatus cooler that will keep your generators and transformers operating at critical peak times.

Removable Cover Plate (RCP):
Used to remove heat from electrical generators, removable cover plate (RCP) coolers are known for their durability as much as for ease of maintenance and cleaning. With "bolt-on" convenience, the removable cover plate cooler is suitable for applications ranging from Nuclear power plants to hydro-electric dams. These units also are equipped with leak detection systems to prevent catastrophic generator failure due to water leaks.

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