Air Coolers, also known as Air Cooled Fluid Coolers, Radiators, Dry Coolers, and Air Cooler Gas Coolers, are very simple in theory and are applied when process cooling fluids are not available. Similar to the radiator in your car, the units cool a liquid or gas by simply forcing air across its heat exchanger tubes and cooling fins. Cincinnati Heat Exchanger air coolers can be used for a multitude of applications in power plants, off-shore oil rigs, pulp and paper mills, manufacturing facilities, refineries, etc.

Designing an air cooler for a given application requires attention to many different variables. Process fluids, ambient temperatures, and installed environment are a few of the parameters that must be considered in order to design an efficient, cost effective, and durable heat exchanger product. It may require a special coating or materials to protect it from harsh environments. Cincinnati Heat Exchangers specializes in critical applications requiring special compliances, adherence to specific codes (ASME, API, etc...), and redundant parts.

A simple theory can quickly translate into a complicated design. The good news: You do not have to worry about that. Cincinnati Heat Exchangers' engineers will draw upon their vast knowledge and over 40 years of experience to work closely with you and design an air cooler that will not only meet your requirements, but it will far exceed your expectations.

Call Cincinnati Heat Exchangers, Inc. today and let us design a custom air cooler for your demanding application.

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